Jueun Seo – ArtEZ graduate

"Ground your mind and body by accepting your condition in the present."


Your Ground is a collection of relaxation tools, consisting of a clock, a picture book, home slippers and vests, for people who are suffering from depression. Also, this collection broadens the view about depression by providing a chance to sensory experience. I am aiming for people to open their minds that depression is not a thing that has to be eliminated but should be accepted. The clock and the book help mental grounding. The clock changes a perspective about time through a new shape, which helps people who lost a sense of time to ground them in the current moment. The picture book provides an opportunity to understand how people with depression feel mental pressure towards the time. The home slippers and vests are for body grounding, they have different stimulations that are helpful for people with depression to get better by wearing them. These tools encourage people to be fully aware of their bodies and physical conditions and help the users to ground themselves in the present.

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