Intake form for STICKY members

If you are a member of GLUE 2023, you get a dot on the GLUE amsterdam connected by design digital CITY MAP of Amsterdam. We make sure your exhibition is easy to find through Google Maps.

Actually, just opening your doors is not enough. We activate participants to program special events. This can be, for instance, a reading, an exhibition, a workshop, a tour or a networking drink. For example, an individual designer a workshop, a well-known designer an open house, or a brand can organize a lecture from an authority in the field.

Good signage through the city is an important part of the visibility of GLUE and the participants. In the run-up to the event, an outdoor campaign, social media campaigns and targetted mailings will reach both professionals as well as high-end consumers.

Want to join? Please fill out the Intake Form at the bottom of this page.

Application deadline for STICKY members: 1 March 2023

STICKY membership

Curated STICKY members
Applying as a STICKY member is only possible if you are invited by GLUE.

For the edition in 2023 GLUE selects 40 designers, artists and makers to participate at GLUE, free of charge, to enrich and complete the palet of exhibitors and designs.

GLUE aims to bring on show a representation of the Amsterdam creative community. The underground, the established, care-takers, forerunners, experimenters, conceptual thinkers, and those who think with their hands and those of broaden our playing field; all belong to our community.

STICKY Membership

  • What is it in for you?
  • STICKY membership fee: €0.-
  • For individual designers only and curated by GLUE.
  • Name + URL of individual participants on GLUE website (Branding during GLUE, will be based on your personal name (not a studio/label name).
  • Description on GLUE Website (maximum 100 words + image).
  • Selected location together with you at one of the GLUE HUBS. No rent or extra costs for the use of the location.
  • Dot on the GLUE map, along one of the GLUE routes.
  • Signage during the 4 days of the GLUE event in September
  • Invitation to one of the GLUE Community drinks that will be organised in 2023.*
  • 1 post** on Instagram

STICKY membership:

*community drink is a get together to connect the creative scene of Amsterdam with each other in general and to introduce GLUE neighbours to each other in particular.

**Post can be a “normal” post or post in stories on instagram

STICKY conditions

Participation is not without obligation, when a designer is selected he or she must register via the online form and there is a participation and attendance obligation during the GLUE exhibition. If participation is canceled within 3 months before the event, a fee of €300 will be charged. In consultation with the designer, a HUB or location is selected that fits the nature of the work and/or the theme of the HUB.