Mission Statement

The power of local, connecting & inspiring


GLUE connects design
Amsterdam is a city of designers, but also of entrepreneurs and go-getters. From idea to product: it originates in Amsterdam. GLUE amsterdam connected by design brings designers, (interior) architects, and other design professionals together every year in September.

GLUE’s multi-day design route connects existing workplaces, temporary locations, pop-up exhibitions, and events. For three days, GLUE makes Amsterdam’s creative hotspots visible, but there is also room for quality participants from outside the city.

The GLUE route is a starting point for interior and design in the capital. Studios but also brands and producers open their doors. Showrooms, hotels, and other creative venues can make their location available via GLUE – free of charge – to exhibitors who do not have their own space.

GLUE inspires and activates
GLUE amsterdam connected by design is – what’s in a name – the glue between the studios, galleries, academies, and brands on the route. We do this by making all participants and their activities visible and findable. On the route, there is room for meetings, debates, lectures, and networking events.

Interior is the binding factor between the various participants and the events on the route. Sub-sectors in the industry can serve as themes, such as food, hospitality, retail, education, office, circularity, innovation or mobility.

GLUE focuses on professionals, and true design lovers are always welcome. At GLUE amsterdam connected by design, we don’t call them visitors, but guests, visiting creative makers in Amsterdam. The aim of GLUE is to bind and enthral, inspire and activate.

GLUE celebrates the creative city
Amsterdam is a city with a vibrant and diverse creative sector. Different styles, (sub)cultures, generations, and perspectives influence each other. GLUE is actively involved in making the entire scene visible and creating interconnections by including them in the design route.

GLUE’s ambition is to activate Amsterdam’s design industry and, together, to strengthen the local economy and the design climate in the city. Amsterdam has 50% more designers per capita than any other city in the Netherlands, and that’s something to be more than proud of.

This is why GLUE likes to actively spotlight local brands and designers: after all, they contribute to the creative success of the city. Sustainability and reinforcement of the authenticity of Amsterdam are of paramount importance. That’s why GLUE has created an honourable recognition: the Creative Citizen of Honour. This recognition is awarded annually to a small number of Amsterdammers who make a special contribution to an inspiring and distinctive city. GLUE celebrates the creative city.