Mission Statement

The power of local, connecting & inspiring

GLUE’s primary mission is to connect the local design community, consisting of designers, creatives, architects, brands, showrooms, galleries, academies, and other colleagues by providing spaces to meet and moments to share and connect. Secondary mission is to connect the general public with the design community, which happens during the three days of the design-route.

GLUE connects the members the whole year round, and opens the doors to the public each year in mid-September for a three-day design route through Amsterdam. The three-day design route connects all GLUE locations and provides a substantive and attractive program for colleagues and the public.

GLUE includes the whole scene; starting designers as well as renowned designers, small and big showrooms, hidden gems agencies and educational institutes. Smaller brands and individual creatives get exhibition space at a larger enterprise or hotel, these so called GLUE HUBS create new business relations for the members and make the program more challenging and diverse. 

GLUE aspires diversity and inclusivity, has an eye for sustainability and has a focus on wellbeing. GLUE gives profile to the Amsterdam design community, and wants to connect the sector better and makes it more discoverable. 

All members have a spot on the GLUE stage; we encourage them to organise something sensational and relevant during the four days GLUE amsterdam connected by design. GLUE organises community drinks in the months towards the design route at various different venues of the GLUE members. 

GLUE brings the sector together to meet and exchange ideas, and connect creativity, inclusivity and well-being to accomplish a future-proof and better-connected design sector for Amsterdam.