Membership to-do page

Please send us your work

For social media and press requests we always need images from your work, studio, showroom, and portrait.

Please send this as soon as possible. Don’t wait till new work is finished, you can always send us more recent images later. GLUE actively communicate images from our members the whole year around, so the sooner we receive them, the more we can do.

We need between 3 and 10 images in two different formats:

General use:       .JPG / 300dpi / +/- 20x15cm
Instagram:          .JPG / 1080 x 1080 pixels

Whenever you have a Press Release, please send it to us.

Images and press releases can be sent to:

Content Management System
Manage your own webpage at GLUE

This is an introduction to the User system we have created on our website so that each participant can make changes on their own page. In a personal email, with the name “[GLUE] Login Details”, you receive your username and password.

Please login here:

It is easy, but if you want you can download a more detailed manual here.

Please access your CMS, change your password if desired, and upload any images or change information in the description.

The ‘Featured image’ can only be changed by the GLUE team, please send your preferred image to

Here you see three examples of where this picture will appear on the website. The GLUE logo is automatically displayed on top of every image, so please send the image without it.

Talks, Cocktails, Workshops & more

Please send us your program details during GLUE. 

The program will be published on our website at the beginning of September. The program will be organised by time and subject. Below you can see a preview of what it will look like on the website.

Please send us the following information before 1 September 2023:

Subject: ie: Press event, Opening cocktail, lecture, workshop, etc.
Time & title: ie: Friday 10.00-22.00, The city is ours
Rsvp email: ie: (if desired)
Link: please choose an URL where visitors can find more info; your page at GLUE or your own website. ie:

Send your program details to:

Example of the Program GLUE 2021: