Zoran Strijbosch

A step back in time

Ever since a child I have been a history fanatic. I have always kept history close to me. During and after my study at HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht). Most of my inspiration came from historical concepts. Especially the concept of time.

Studio Zoran Strijbosch is a design studio arisen from the immense passion of (Art)history. In our modern world everything tends to be digitalized, mass-produced and future focused. Simultaneously, there is an urge to take a step back from our daily lives by diving into the mysteries of the past. From visiting ancient architectural sights to experiencing historical events through the arts. The past continues to inspire us.

The studio
Studio Zoran Strijbosch creates products for those who wish to take a step back in time. The design studio was founded in 2020 by me Zoran Strijbosch. I combine my love for history with high quality, product design


Thonik - HUB
Grensstraat 47
1091 SW Amsterdam

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