Yoon Shun


Yoon Shun(KR) dedicates his efforts to exploring the intricate connection between the functional context and abstract narrative within objects. He seeks the hidden beauty beneath the surface, infusing his creations with meticulous attention to detail, subtlety, and patience. His sculptural process involves balancing rationality and sensibility, fineness and brutalism, allowing him to navigate the creative journey thoughtfully and contemplatively.

His artistic creations draw direct inspiration from the essence of traditional Korean painting that has persisted since the 16th century. With its simplicity and repetitive themes, the natural elements portrayed in these works possess a unique symbolic system representing luck, health, harmony, love, eternity, and more. Placed within indoor settings, these paintings play the role of bestowing blessings upon those who cherish them. Shun dissects and reassembles the symbols inherent in each element from the paintings, acquiring a clear direction for his creative process. Therefore, his objects exude a consistent and pure yearning for life, manifesting within the everyday living environment of those who embrace them.



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Keizersgracht 651
1017 DT Amsterdam

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Orbit stand light is made by using a coiling technique with 30mm width of cold steel straps. Like a tracing of the sun, the traditional coiling production technique with a welding stitch gives strength to the structure.