WoOL Amsterdam

We design high-end, sophisticated products that absorb sound and appeal to your senses. Inspired by nature, handcrafted and made from high quality, natural wool felt.

WOOL Wool is a renewable material; a gift from nature that inspires us to create products that shape light, modulate sound and invite touch. We do more than just create products, we add an experience to a room. We design for the senses.

We started to create exclusive wool felt products in Interior designs for ZENBER Architects in 2012, and launched our label as an independent brand in 2015.

All our products are handcrafted in our Amsterdam studio, located in the central-east part of Amsterdam, not far from Central Station.

We are inspired by nature. We love to capture the raw essence of what can’t easily be captured. Think the play of light on the aging bark of a tree, listening to the silence of moss or witnessing the movements in the wind of nature’s own designs.

WoOL Amsterdam
Levantkade 87
1019 MJ Amsterdam

06 5138 1960

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