Sticky notes

Frank Tjepkema

You may know Tjep. from a diversity of prominent projects in Amsterdam such as the Air Cells extraction towers in the Houthavens, the Bicycloud bicycle parking area on the Rokin or the poetic Aemstel Gate along the Amstel river. But Tjep’s work can also be found around the world from the extreme North of Canada, all the way to the remote delta’s of Bangladesh, from the necklace around the neck of a celebrity, to the permanent collections of renowned museums.

During GLUE
On this occasion, after 20 years of passionate work, Tjep. opens its doors during Glue to present a multitude of sticky notes! You will be able to meet and chat with the designer and discover a multitude of projects and prototypes on display including the recently created Chrysalide Chair.

Veembroederhof 204
1019 HC Amsterdam

Opening times
Daily 10.00-18.00

06 2128 2662

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