Tiago Sá da Costa

Tiago Sá da Costa is an Amsterdam based independent designer/artist whose work is focused on exploring materials and light with crafting techniques in new or unconventional ways, to unfold these in sculptural objects.

During GLUE Tiago presents a series of functional sculptures that combine re-bar steel with different materials, such as brass, cork and ceramics.

These sculptures are three-dimensional drawings where the steel rods are the lines that are bent and “drawn” freely in space by hand, depicting organic shapes which are juxtaposed with other materials and light. Inspired by Nature and Geometry, these objects present a playfulness of contrasts between warm and cold, soft and hard, light and shadow, that aim to create atmospheres in the space and entice pleasant feelings in the spectator.


Iris Nijenhuis +
Prinseneiland 24 A1
1013 LR Amsterdam

Opening times
Thursday: 11:00–19:00
Friday: 11:00–21:00
Saturday: 11:00–19:00



RSVP: info@tiagosadacosta.eu

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Casuluz (tree of light)