Sven Wenting – HMC Graduate

The Tavolo in Metamorfosi, a coffee table with a top of triangles and a specially processed glass plate on top. If you look over the table on the short sides, you will see a 3D cube pattern and another pattern from the other side. The design is inspired
by Escher’s patterns. The table consists largely of veneer. All patterns are glued by hand and cut into pieces. The drawers are made of solid walnut with a dovetail connection. The wood types Padouk, American Walnut, Oak and Ebbe have been processed in the furniture.


Seable & Co - HUB
Herengracht 516
1017 CC Amsterdam

Opening times
Thursday: 10:00–18:00
Friday: 10:00–18:00
Saturday: 12:00–17:00



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Tavolo i n Metamorfosi