Smartland landscape architecture

Smartland believes the planet will always survive. Our biggest mission lies in guaranteeing quality of life on earth. Through our language: landscape design.

Our team of engaged designers works on smart spatial solutions for the climate related challenges of today and tomorrow. We aim to make our landscapes readable, liveable and attractive. With natural systems as the starting point, always integrating landscape architecture, urban planning, water management, ecology and product design.

In our expo weʼd like to show you ways in which landscape design can influence todayʼs climate related challenges, through the ‘Butterfly Effect’. We believe that even the smallest design can have an impact throughout all parts of the immeasurable whole. With that optimism we aim to contribute to a healthier, more nature inclusive world. Each exhibited project displays an expression of the butterfly effect. Always aiming for a positive influence on multiple themes: climate, energy, biodiversity, circularity and experience.


The creative collaboration “Tuin van Bret” will act as HUB during GLUE.
Join us at our unofficial opening of the “Toren van Bret” Saturday at 3 PM!

Hub Event ‘Tuin van Bret’:

– Presentation: ‘Van Bret tot Toren’ (by Studio Valkenier)
– Unofficial opening of the ‘Toren van Bret’
– Borrel

Tuin van Bret

Participants are:
DOOR Architecten
Poelmann Arts
Smartland Landscape Architecture
Studio Valkenier
Studio Yaa

No RSVP necessary – open for all!


Smartland, part of Tuin van Bret HUB
Kastrupstraat 11 G
1043 CR Amsterdam

Opening times
Thursday: 10:00–18:00
Friday: 10:00–18:00
Saturday: 12:00–18:00


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