Shahar Livne

Conceptual Material Designer Shahar Livne practice is narrative based on materials as a central theme. Livne aims to create a critical perspective on the use of materials in human and nonhuman cultures with the goal of understanding and communicating wide public social, philosophical, and ecological issues. By using Critical/ speculative design and discursive design as methodologies, her goal as a designer is to lay out the complex systems and philosophies of the relationships between nature and human by communicating through neutrality, giving the viewer an open space for developing opinions, understanding the world complex and the entangled systems, stimulate discussions about ecology and material culture and spark the feeling of wonder and discovery in the viewer.

Since establishing her studio in 2017, she has been working on developing the fields of critical, discursive and conceptual material-based design as an expert, by giving lectures and workshops, creating and presenting in international museums and exhibitions thought-provoking projects, and collaborating with world renowned brands and institutions.



Rademakers Gallery - HUB
KNSM-Laan 291
1019 LE Amsterdam

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