Satelliet Originals

Be an original.

Satelliet Originals originated from the need to create a European hospitality furniture collection with its own recognisable signature. Be an original is about just being yourself. A message that clarifies what Satelliet Originals stands for. Satelliet Originals is not just a label with a versatile collection, there is also a very versatile team of designers behind it. The eye, the hand and the heart of the designer, that is where Satelliet Originals makes the difference. It is a feeling, an emotion. Meet the designers and their Originals at Glue.


Satelliet is established in 1971 and has become an authority in the field of hospitality furniture. Hospitality is on the rise and atmosphere goes above and beyond pure functionality, but comfort and quality will always be in style. With Satelliet Originals we want to offer creatives the tools to deliver our promise on a larger scale. We believe that sharing our creativity and expertise in the form of a contemporary furniture collection will contribute to the creation of unique hospitality interiors. Places where people like to meet and make memories.

Hotel Arena - HUB
's-Gravesandestraat 55
1092 AA Amsterdam

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Meet the designer. BURO NOW : 'Design is meant to be consumed, so it has to be tasty'. Craving something sweet? The biscuit designed for Satelliet Originals satisfies that need. It is a fun, sturdy chair which looks like a cookie.

Meet the designer. Jan Dijkstra : 'My design style can be described as friendly, cheerful, sympathetic and always a bit quirky' The Fioli is designed for Satelliet Originals and inspired by rose petals. The round open shape of the Fioli looks cheerful, friendly and inviting.