Maartje Faber – ArtEZ graduate


To wear a chair is a collection of wearables for the interior. Within the design process, Maartje transformed existing chair shapes into a collection of wearable chairs that function as decorative items for the interior. A chair is a typical everyday object that we surround ourselves with daily. This collection transforms the ordinary chair into an ornament in itself. During the process of experimenting, Maartje investigated different creation techniques such as weaving, stitching, cutting, printing, folding and casting. In doing so, she translated the chair-shape into a flat, flexible and wearable object. The collection consists of a series of 'Stoelenmatten', interior-jewellery pieces and prints.

DMD Amsterdam - HUB
Prinsengracht 1111 H
1017 JJ Amsterdam

Opening times
Thursday: 10:00–18:00
Friday: 10:00–18:00
Saturday: 12:00–17:00
Sunday: 12:00–17:00


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