Maaike Gottschal

– Domus Motus – weaving and handling of textile in domestic/work environment

During Glue Amsterdam Maaike Gottschal will show handwoven textiles and a preview of her publication. The textiles and publication are the outcomes of her master research on handcraft (art) en technology; The creation of art and the implication of knowledge into principles. In this case, the principle of value and beauty translated into home textiles. She will also present her research on the textile Artist Kitty van der Mijl Dekker (Jogyakarta, 22-02-1908 – Nijkerk, 6-12-2004). For more info see the link.


I’m a guest in the studio “the Joinery” in the studio complex Plantage Doklaan. See the full program here:

The joinery is the studio where Daan Simons creates woodworks inspired by Japanese joinery. A film about it will be shown at 16 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

Table # 6
is a short movie revealing the poetics of making a wooden table. Through the eye of the woodworker we witness the gradual evolving of form. From a stack of pearwood planks to an elegantly crafted table – made with glue nor screw.

Directed, shot and edited by Gonzalo Fernandez.
Table # 6 premiered on March 8th 2020 at the Craft in Focus Film Festival, Amsterdam, NL. Duration: 25 mins

Daan Simons/

The joinery is also the studio of Olga Micińska. She will distribute posters that are part of an ongoing performative campaign, propagating a non-standardized image of a skilled builder.

Olga Micińska (The Building Institute) /

Olga invited Luna Faye Naumer Mateos to show works that would include: quilts made for her family and to dress her home, elmwood stools storing the quilts and Luna’s thesis in the form of a book. The text explores the personal and historical connections between textile making and womanhood from her own experience as a transgender woman.

Luna Faye Naumer Mateos /

Maaike also invited Mathias Quadekker to show his handmade knives in the studio. His motto: ‘Quality is the presence of value, not the absence of mistake’

Amstel 135
1018 EN Amsterdam

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Saturday: 10:00–17:00



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