Keune & Slutter

Dave Keune, Chris Slutter

Pancakes Spui is one of the most recent locations belonging to Pancakes Amsterdam which Keune&Slutter have designed and executed. Openness and light form the basis of each interior of Pancakes Amsterdam, just like the history of the building. The architecture of the location has lead to Keune&Slutter placing a vertical column in the middle of the building, which forms the functional core. The history of the location, with the ‘Taksteeg’ and ‘het Spui’, has inspired them to implement unique basic colors in both old buildings at which the floor is the connecting factor. Besides the interior they show their own designed furniture on the first floor.

Dave Keune (1978) and Chris Slutter (1972) work on various projects from their studio-workshop in Oostzaan whereby the design is the fundamental centre point and executing and/or building accompaniment belong to the possibilities. A diversity of projects; catering industry, shop interior and office interior. Besides, they commit themselves to product design for national and international collections. The designs of Keune&Slutter characterize themselves by their outspoken archetypical signatures in color and form.

Keune & Slutter
Location druing GLUE
Pancakes Amsterdam
Spui 8, 1012 WZ Amsterdam

06 2156 2815

Daily 11.00-18.00

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