Janita Sassen

Janita Sassen (1965) photographs for various magazines, communication agencies, publishers and theatres.
In 2021 she won first prize in the category art, culture and entertainment of the Zilveren Camera 2020.

She mainly shoots on commission/she mainly does commercial photography. In addition to the commissions, she also makes her own photo series.
In early 2019, she started a series where she photographed 40 people who had all survived cardiac arrest with people from young to old age.
The series became a book ‘Even dood’ and was published in early October 2020. The introduction of the book was written by Fokke Obbema, the Volkskrant journalist who himself survived a cardiac arrest. The series was published in the LINDA of September 2020. Seven works from the series have been exhibited and purchased by Museum de Markiezenhof in Bergen op Zoom.

She is currently working on a series of black and white portraits of people with freckles. The aim is to photograph a hundred people, young and old. All those spots on the face are not always experienced as aesthetic, but Janita wants to show that they are beautiful. Eventually, this should also turn into a photo book.


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