HOT Home of Treasures

Jhon Campo in corporation with Irene van Ophoven, Heidi long (Feltmen) and Pascalle Hanegraaf

HOT Home Of Treasures is a new Label and part of Campo Interieur & Advies. With our brand, we take the next step in achieving a more sustainable interior design. We really want to focus on sustainable, ecological products.

Products made of Piñatex (natural textiles made from pineapple leaf fibres), Barktex (textiles made from tree barks), OceanSafe (biodegradable textiles) and Organoids (organic materials such as Austrian Alpine grass, lavender and rose petals).

Specifically for Glue, we have collaborated with designers Irene van Ophoven and Heidi Long (Feltmen) and artist Pascalle Hanegraaf. All three will create a unique design. These products will be designed with the unique materials Home Of Treasures and Campo has to offer.

HOT Home of Treasures exhibits at
Contact Amsterdam
Contactweg 47
1014 AN Amsterdam

Opening times
Daily 12.00 – 18.00

Exclusive opening party: 18 September, 7 PM

06 5761 6849