Woven Identities at Stadssalon

During GLUE
‘Woven identity’
The common identity of the three participants is giving a shape to their notion of fluidity around them. These thoughts reflect the moment and are intertwined in different ways.

Geke Lensink by adding brightly and directly the idiom of diverse travels and memories to her recognizable signature work.

Eva Crebolder by extending a simple distinguished object which generates levels of softness and nuance in the relief of a fabric.

Mina Abouzahra by incorporating different worlds together with her project ‘one square meter Berber’. She invited Dutch
designers/artists to work together with Berber women, who are specialized in knotting carpets in a traditional Moroccan way.

Herengracht 528
1017 CC Amsterdam

Opening times
Friday and Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM

Sunday 10 AM – 5 PM