Frank Tjepkema


Under the name SUPERSAMPLING, DMD Amsterdam is hosting a group presentation including: Frank Tjepkema (Tjep.), Ruwe Bolster, Maartje Faber, Isabel Quiroga, Dick Mulders. In this presentation each designer highlights how his or her particular work is anchored in the sampling of existing ingredients from re-use of musical instruments, graphical elements or everyday objects.




Presented by Tjep. at Supersampling: Lecture Friday the 17th at 16:00 / From Bronze to Bits / Limited editions in the age of NFT's Bling Bling Twenty years ago, Bling Bling was born! The iconic crucifix composed of a multitude of globally recognized logos spread over a multitude of thin layers was designed in 2001 and first presented in 2002 as part of Chi Ha Paura…? The re-edition of Bling Bling has been updated with 60 brands that have had an impact in de last 20 years. Logos In addition to the updated jewelry design itself in gold and black and as a central element to the exhibitions at Big Art, Tjep. will present Logos, a moving painting about the genesis, decay and ultimately possible self-destruction of the actual dominant economic model based on neo liberal capitalism. ‘Are brands the modern version of the tower of Babel, the pursuit of eternal growth combined with a lack of common language and common grounds with regards to ecological issues, between corporations, politics and consumers.’ With this idea Logos shows the genesis, decay and ultimately collapse of Bling Bling.


Prinsengracht 1111 H
1017 JJ Amsterdam


Opening times
Thursday: 11:00–18:00
Friday: 11:00–18:00
Saturday: 11:00–18:00
Sunday: 11:00–16:00




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