Felt For Architecture

Claudio Varone – Anneke Copier

Felt For Architecture was established in 2003. The project and brand stems from his ambition to conjugate art, craft and architecture. Felt For Architecture creates carpets and three-dimensional wall art objects in wool felt, to ‘dress’ spaces, walls and floors, to evoke, to protect and to tell a story. Colors and shapes originate mainly from the contemplation of the nature. The result is monumental. All pieces are unique: they are made of wool, combined with cotton, silk and other natural fibers, and are hand made in The Netherlands, using traditional techniques adapted to obtain abstract three-dimensional shapes.


Felt For Architecture at Kasstoor
Pedro de Medinalaan 89
1086 XP Amsterdam

Opening times
Daily 10.00-18.00. Sun till 19.00

020 398 7990