DMD Amsterdam

Interior design by Dick Mulders. The designs of DMD Amsterdam show the drive and desire to create an enviroment of international standing. A design that provides a sense of freedom and own identity. Our clients are always in the lead when it comes to the end result, the path towards this destination we walk together. Under the name Supersampling, DMD Amsterdam is hosting a group presentation including: Frank Tjepkema (Tjep.), Ruwe Bolster, Maartje Faber, Isabel Quiroga, Dick Mulders. In this presentation each designer highlights how his or her particular work is anchored in the sampling of


Thursday 16 september 11:00-17:00 uur Lecture 16:00-16:30 uur | Sheryl Leysner | ’The Sound of Light’. Private event 17:00-20:00 uur Friday 17 september 11:00-17:00 uur Lecture 16:00-16:30 uur | Frank Tjepkema | ‘From Bronze to Bits’. Limited Editions in the age of NFT’s and blockchain. Private event 17:00-20:00 uur Saturday 18 september 11:00-17:00 uur Lecture 16:00-17:00 uur | Isabel Quiroga | 'Where did all the love go?'. Person and Object relationships are in a crisis. What designers can do to make love flourish once more. Sunday 19 september 11:00-16:00 uur

DMD Amsterdam
Prinsengracht 1111 H
1017 JJ Amsterdam

Opening times
Thursday: 11:00–17:00
Friday: 11:00–17:00
Saturday: 11:00–17:00