De Hortus

ORIGiN, a botanical touch in textiles

i.c.w. Casalis, BE

Aleksandra Gaca and Lizan Freijsen

Slow growth processes, natural structures and mental processes of transformation inspire artist and designers: Lizan Freijsen (Rotterdam) and Aleksandra Gaca (Delft) to develop a new series of textile works for a presentation in the Hortus Botanicus during GLUE Amsterdam, connected by design. Gaca collaborates with Casalis on new products for the occasion. With this presentation, Lizan Freijsen and Aleksandra Gaca / Casalis want to contribute to the development of an inventive, healthy and creative society.

The presentation takes place in the Palm Greenhouse.Register in advance for timeslots via / choose ZATGLUE or ZONGLUE at ‘kortingscode’ for reduced entrance tickets of 5,50 euros instead of 9,75 euros, the regular entrance price. Museumjaarkaart is not valid. Made possible with financial support of the AFK.

For more information :

Aleksandra Gaca
06 2187 7211

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Lizan Freijsen
06 2906 7106

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