Bibi Smit

Bibi Smit (b. 1965) is a Dutch glass artist. Her work explores the patterns, rhythms, colours and movement of natural phenomena. Since the 1990s, she has realized a range of national and international exhibitions, including the Salone del Mobile in Milan (IT). She lives and works in the Netherlands. For this year event, the artist will be presenting the unique ‘Swarm’ chandeliers, which resemble a flock of starlings dancing in the air, and the new colourful glass sculptures called ‘Maru Mori: The Heartbreaking Simplicity of Ordinary Things’.


DMD Amsterdam
Prinsengracht 1111 H
1017 JJ Amsterdam

Opening times
Thursday: 11:00–16:00
Friday: 11:00–16:00
Saturday: 11:00–16:00




Maru Mori XI | glass blown | 33x21x39 cm | 2022