Berry Dijkstra

Berry Dijkstra is a Rotterdam-based design professional. His practice revolves around celebrating design and designers through building temporary furniture installations, curating shows, and collecting design.


For this year’s edition Berry Dijkstra collaborates with Studio HENK where he was invited to create a multi-tower installation inspired by the brand’s latest collection Block Play.

Taking the modularity and customisability of the collection as a starting point, Dijkstra has stacked and turned pieces from the collection upside down, stripping them of their functionality and highlighting their shapes, colours, and materials instead. The minimalist sculptures, held together with loading straps like ‘glue’, balance the boundaries of art and design.

Work by designers Iwan Pol, Nienke Sikkema, Studio CTT, Studio Verbaan, and Victor Ledure accompany the furniture pieces. In line with the collection, these works are made of natural materials, boast either a modular or stackable element, and have a playful aesthetic.

To add another dimension to the experience, Dijkstra has composed a soundtrack featuring sound fragments related to the installation and living room sounds.

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Rozengracht 204
1016 NL Amsterdam

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