Arper Spa

Arper presents its own interpretation of contemporary and future trends, rethinking physical spaces and relationships and tracing a new direction that is summed up in the concept of The Project of Living.


The new collections presented in 2022 are:

Shaal by Doshi Levien. Structured and soft like a basket of pillows, Shaal wraps around us in a welcoming embrace, inviting tactility and warmth into any space, from residential to contract.

Aeeri by Peter Kunz. Incredibly thin and light, Aeeri radically dematerializes the table with a minimalist gesture, tracing the form’s line to find its very essence.

Ghia by Altherr Désile Park. Ghia’s soft, sculptural forms and tactile, nature-inspired materials balance the geometric and the organic, infusing a sense of harmony and calm.

Oell by Jean-Marie Massaud. Essential in form and exquisite in material expression, Oell is quiet but full of character, always at the ready and never in the way.

Juno 02 Design by James Irvine, 2012 – New edition 2022. At once elegant and efficient, simple and sleek, its subtle texture and finish bring refined materiality to the classic form.

Design Post Amsterdam - HUB
Cruquiusweg 111 M
1019 AG Amsterdam

Opening times
Thursday: 10:00–17:00
Friday: 10:00–18:00
Saturday: 12:00–17:00



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