analogue® brings autonomy. Our products celebrate a conscious and sustainable balance in our daily work, and life.
Objects that express function and use through form and material. Intuitive to use, yet open to interpretation and adaptable in various settings. Inspiring reflection on activity, and stimulating a conscious choice for balance, health and productivity.

During GLUE our studio/workshop at Keerpunt 10 is open for people to experience our ‘standard’ range of products, as well as custom one-offs and prototypes. At the Thonik-hub we’re presenting our Gas Spring Table.



Location 1 - Thonik HUB: Grensstraat 47, 1091 SW
Location 2 - Design Studio: Keerpunt 10, 1013 DK Amsterdam

Opening times
Thursday: 10:00–16:00
Friday: 10:00–17:00
Saturday: 12:00–16:00