Reflower, the sustainable flower library is moving around town during GLUE 2022.

What is Reflower?
The subscription to artificial flowers for individuals and businesses.

How does it work?
Sharing forever flowers together is the starting point of the sustainable flower library. You borrow a vase with artificial flowers that we deliver in the Randstad. Each bouquet is unique with the best quality forever flowers in a design vase. Do you want to exchange? There are 500 vases in circulation from which you can choose a new bouquet in the online flower library.

Fresh flowers are not as ‘green’ as they appear & beautiful artificial flowers are expensive. Sharing artificial flowers is a impactful alternative.

Reduce: Reduction of waste, pesticide use and CO2 reduction
Re-use: Flowers and vases are used again and again
Reflower: Zero Waste & Circular Solution

The flower subscription is €20 per month. Every exchange is €15.

More info? Video!