What is it about a TANK space? One look should tell you we prefer interesting over perfect. Bold over beautiful. Surprise over safety.
For over 20 years we’ve been breaking the rules to create hotels, restaurants, bars, workspaces, gyms and homes that find unexpected ways to bring people together. With roots in hospitality design we strike a balance between thrilling aesthetics and smart functionality to create spaces you can’t wait to visit, and never want to leave.



All day

Exhibition of a variety of great designers and brands:

Friday evening (RSVP only)

  • Presentations of our exhibitors
  • Annual inspirational TANK TALK by Pernille Kok-Jensen (Director Cultural Insights at Fitzroy Amsterdam).
    Fluid, fragile and fierce‘ is the name of the game according to Pernille. By tuning into the Zeitgeist, Pernille helps companies tap into emerging mindsets “before they’re a thing”.
    In her TANK TALK: PLACES TO BE, PEOPLE TO SEE, she shares the mechanics behind seemingly contradicting emerging needs of a generation navigating this unpredictable brave new world.
    Pernille has more than 15 years of experience working turning trends and consumer insights into strategy. She helps brands remain relevant in their competitive field by offering tailor-made future perspectives on demand. She looks sideways and dives deep in order to understand what consumer culture is all about. She has a firm grasp of emerging trends and their impact in various industries such as food, retail, and luxury and she is an expert on target groups such as Gen Z, Millennials and Fifty-somethings. Pernille is a published author and an award-winning keynote speaker (Esomar, MIE). In 2019 she joined forces with Fitzroy where she set up shop to provide clients with cultural insights. Fitzroy is an award winning boutique agency that develops and nurtures distinctive brands.
    Make sure to reserve yourself a spot for this aspirational talk (along with the talks by all our exhibitors), send your rsvp to Glue@TANK.nl.

Rembrandtpein 17 III (above café 'de Kroon')
1017 CT Amsterdam

Opening times
Thursday: 12:00–17:00
Friday: 12:00–23:00
Saturday: 12:00–17:00



RSVP: Glue@TANK.nl

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