Studio Valkenier

As part of the creative collective "Tuin van Bret", we believe in the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy. Our goal is to accelerate and facilitate circular processes in our neighbourhood Amsterdam Sloterdijk and beyond. What does the circular economy mean to us? We believe it to be a regenerative system where we minimalise the use of resources, emissions, energy and waste by closing, downsizing and slowing down material and energy usage. We apply that by sustainable design, recycling, upcycling, refabricating and repairing.


The creative collaboration "Tuin van Bret" will act as HUB during GLUE. Participants are: DOOR Architecten Poelmann Arts Smartland Studio Valkenier Studio Yaa

Tuin van Bret - HUB
Kastrupstraat 11
1043CR Amsterdam

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