Seable&Co. is a Dutch collective of crafts. We create the finest bespoke essentials for the super yacht industry like spas, pools, natural stone solutions, exterior furniture and teak decks – all distinguished by their finest quality.

By combining craftsmanship, innovation and collaboration we strive to create technologically advanced products of ultimate comfort and aesthetics. Along with our uncompromising dedication to excellence, we are renowned for our personal approach. It takes skill, talent and hours of precise and passionate work to handle and process the finest materials into unique products and experiences.
We’re sailing our brand forward on the strength of our past.
We craft forward.


Sven Wenting, Louen Buurman, Youri van Lingen (HMC graduates) and Bart Huijpen are young professional craftsmen who show inspiring designs and pieces of woodwork furniture. The eye for detail and level of finishing are elevating.

Roland Smit, social entrepreneur with a clear mission, shows his baskets made from residual material from our natural stone and wood workshops based on high-tech and low-tech approach.

Som Perfume creates an opulence and unique sent layering experience by using the richness of nature.

Seable & Co - HUB
Herengracht 516
1017 CC Amsterdam

Opening times
Thursday: 10:00–18:00
Friday: –18:00
Saturday: 10:00–18:00