QO Amsterdam – GLUE HUB

Wanda van Riet, Inderjeet Sandhu, Interface

Whenever people meet at the QO, the element of energy creates a spark that can ignite countless possibilities. We are housed in a remarkable living building because we don’t think that you need to compromise on luxury to be meaningful. We moved away from our linear, ‘take, make and dispose’ approach in hospitality and adopted circular ones. There are four key ways in which we’ve moved away from one-use and into circularity. Firstly, we use natural and existing resources as much as possible. We then source materials and consumables that are both well-produced and created nearby. Furthermore we make a point of using long-lasting instead of throwaway items. And finally, we reuse, repurpose or recycle before we even consider discarding something. We’re proud to connect design and sustainability and put this into practice throughout the QO.

During GLUE
We host two designers and one brand who fit seamless with our believes.

Wanda van Riet www.vanrietontwerpers.nl
Inderjeet Sandhu www.inderjeetsandhu.com

Interface www.interface.com

Amstelvlietstraat 4
1096 GB Amsterdam

Opening times
Daily 10.30-22.30

020 220 5650


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