Concept Gallery Amsterdam – GLUE HUB

Experience the Concept Gallery!

Thonet, Aroma Club, Senso, Intra lighting, Julia Passion for people and interiors and Agape

The Concept Gallery, the Design Hotspot of Amsterdam. Always wanted to see how the most famous chair in the world, Thonet’s Coffee house chair, is made? Join a live demo of bending solid wood. Become a true barista and learn what it takes to create Latte Art with Aroma Club. Poor your own cast floor with Senso Flooring. See how light transforms to your mood at intra-Lighting. Step into the world of digital design effects with Julia. Enjoy true bathroom architectural products of Agape, together with the full product collection and novelties of Thonet, Aroma Club, Senso, Intra lighting and Julia.

Pedro de Medinalaan 53
1086 XP Amsterdam

Opening times
Daily from 10.00–18.00

020 496 3046

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