Designer: Ruud van Oosterhout

Ruud van Oosterhout specialises in the design of furniture, interiors, as well as ceramics and glass objects in an unmistakably minimalist and sober style. his designs are an exploration of form, shape, colour & proportion. all comes together in his furniture collection bruut., the crystal table pieces and the porcelain tableware range. ruud’s collections consist of stronge shapes in which sustainability is an indispensable aspect. rvo design undertakes a wide range of interior design projects, residential projects such as country houses, bungalows and lofts, as well as commercial projects such as designing shops, offices, art galleries, hair and beauty boutiques, hotels and beauty salons. rvo design also provides advice on branding and works exclusively for Rob Peetoom among other people, and is responsible for all shop concepts and designs.

ruud van oosterhout design
Stadhouderskade 42
1071 ZD Amsterdam

Opening times
Daily 10 AM – 8 PM

Masterclass WAITING’ by Ruud van Oosterhout: daily, 3 PM
RSVP Masterclass: info@rvodesign.com

020 689 8630

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