Robert Bronwasser

ENJOY DESIGN EVERYDAY Renowned industrial designer Robert Bronwasser has been creating successful products with great passion and pleasure for well-known design labels as well as major international brands for almost 30 years. As one of GLUE's founding partners, he is eager to highlight the importance of well-designed products for everyday use. That is why he will provide insight into his vision, way of working and inspiration during GLUE 2022. He will also introduce several new products.


ENJOY EVERYDAY DESIGN The multifaceted work that industrial designer Robert Bronwasser has produced over the last 25 years forms a tangible oeuvre representing his unique vision and personal signature. Throughout that time he has designed a constant stream of successful products that people enjoy using every day. His designs are based on five clear design principles: good design is smart, modest, iconic, logical and enjoyable. SMILE if you get it.

Robert Bronwasser design
Asterweg 103
1031HM Amsterdam

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