General Conditions

GLUE amsterdam connected by design, fourth edition, 14-16 September 2023.

Legal contact information

Coöperatie GLUE U.A.
Tel. 06 15 51 07 27
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce number 81998740
VAT number NL862299159B01

1. Governing Terms and Conditions

Participation in GLUE amsterdam connected by design is subject to the terms and conditions set out below which shall govern the Contract between the Participant and the Organiser, GLUE amsterdam connected by design, to the exclusion of any other. Participation is in all cases subject to written acceptance by GLUE amsterdam connected by design. The Participant must comply with all the terms and conditions laid out below. The Organisers of GLUE amsterdam connected by design reserve the right at any time to issue other rules and regulations of participation to supplement these terms and conditions.

The contract will be applied to the festival of GLUE amsterdam connected by design. The festival will take place from Thursday 14 September 2023 till Saturday 16 September 2023 in Amsterdam.

2. Selection criteria

GLUE amsterdam connected by design Selection Panel will accept or reject applicants’ installations, events or happening proposals. The selection criteria are that the submitted events and work fits with GLUE amsterdam connected by design’s philosophy regarding design quality, sustainability and originality. In any case correspondence between the submitted works and the aforementioned criteria is upon the discretional judgment of the Selection Panel.

3. Quality effect within the presentation

GLUE amsterdam connected by design has the right to require full details of any proposed event or design, and reserves the right to reject events or designs at any point up to and including 16 September 2023, if such events or designs are regarded as below reasonable professional standards or differ significantly from the original images and descriptions provided by the Participant.

4. Festival Curation

GLUE amsterdam connected by design cannot guarantee the location of the Participant’s installation / event / happening and special requests concerning location cannot be made a condition of participation, or relieve any Participant from any payment obligation under this Contract. GLUE amsterdam connected by design, reserves the right to cancel and/or amend the Event if required.

Participants should insure against any loss of income and to offset any expenditure incurred in the event of cancellation. No compensation will be payable to the Participant for damage, loss or inconvenience so caused.

5. Indemnity

GLUE amsterdam connected by design is not liable for loss or damage to Participants’ property, neither during the Event, nor during setting-up or dismantling. Each designer will have to insure their own work during transport and festival.

6. Public liability

Each Participant must effect and maintain adequate public liability insurance and any other relevant insurance in order to keep himself/herself insured to cover his/her liabilities under this Contract. Each Participant must certify the safety of the event or designs submitted and ensure that all relevant product testing has been undertaken. If, because of war, fire, strike, or other cause beyond the control of GLUE amsterdam connected by design, GLUE amsterdam connected by design or part thereof is cancelled or closed for any period of time, GLUE amsterdam connected by design shall have no liability to Participants for the refund of Festival fees or loss of income or expenditure incurred or consequential losses resulting from such cancellation.

7. Payment

Upon selection as an Participant full payment is due immediately and must reach GLUE amsterdam connected by design by the date stipulated on the invoice. Participants who cancel are liable for the total costs of their selected Package. GLUE amsterdam connected by design reserves the right to withdraw their offer of inclusion from any Participant owing monies to GLUE amsterdam connected by design on any account.

8. Promotion

All Participants will be expected to give full co-operation to the Organisers in attempting to achieve coverage and promotion for the Event. This also includes distribution of publicity.

10. Applicable Law

All terms and conditions are governed under Dutch law. The Participant shall be obliged to comply with all statutory, official, professional and other valid accident prevention regulations and other safety requirements during set-up and dismantling of the Festival and for the duration of the Event.

11. The Organisers

The Organiser of GLUE amsterdam connected by design are David Heldt, Janine de Jong and Guus van Maarschalkerweerd, owners of Coöperatie GLUE U.A. based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Chambre of Commerce number 81998740, VAT number NL862299159B01.