About GLUE

A four-day design-tour for Amsterdam designers, the general public, architects, brands, showrooms, galleries, academies and other colleagues.

GLUE amsterdam connected by design connects all locations and provides a substantive and attractive program for colleagues and the public.

Independence is essential, GLUE does not commit to one party, but all of them. Starting designers, knowledge institutes, renowned designers, and large agencies, diverse and ground floor suits Amsterdam, even though we sometimes have to climb a steep staircase. GLUE gives a profile to Amsterdam design and wants to connect the sector better and make it more discoverable.

All participants have a dot on the map; we encourage them to organize something sensational and relevant during GLUE amsterdam connected by design.


Who are we?

GLUE amsterdam connected by design is an initiative of Janine de Jong, David Heldt and Guus van Maarschalkerweerd.

David Heldt

David Heldt heroically published the Connecting the Dots magazine for ten years during the trade expo in Milan. He also organizes international exhibitions such as Design Language and Enlightened Design. David is GLUE’s Chief Editing and Curator. As a native Amsterdam resident, the move to look closer to home was easily made this time. There was no connecting moment in his city for the design scene, but not for long.

Janine de Jong

Janine de Jong of Studio Business Empowerment is our determined Chief Sales & Empowerment. Janine worked for ELLE Decoration for years and was coorganizer of Inside Design, an Amsterdam design event. She also played an essential role in starting up the interior and design magazine Scandinavian Living by Bo Bedre and was the partner coordinator of Broeinest for Baars & Bloemhoff. Janine knows what has value and knows how to link that value to the wishes of our participants. Just wait and see.

Guus van Maarschalkerweerd

Guus van Maarschalkerweerd builds bridges through his matchmaking agency DesignConnector, and he is also co-founder of the Creative Heroes Award. At GLUE he is Chief Branding & Connector, connecting people is his strength. Like no other, Guus sees the whole story behind every brand. Telling your story the right way gives your brand or studio, and Amsterdam the impact it deserves.